Research Interests

  • Policy Areas: consumer policy | social policy | financial aid policy

  • Fields (Economics): household behavior and family economics | labor and demographic economics | economic education

  • Populations: low- and moderate-income individuals | young adults | economically disadvantaged students | other economically vulnerable populations as appropriate




Harvey, Melody. 2019. “Impact of Financial Education Mandates on Younger Consumers’ Use of Alternative Financial Services.” Journal of Consumer Affairs 53, no. 3: 731-769.


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Briefs & Reviews

Harvey, Melody. 2019. “Does State-Mandated Financial Education Affect High-Cost Borrowing?Insights: Financial Capability. [Issue Brief.] Washington, DC: FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

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Forthcoming Works

In Progress

Harvey, Melody. Impact of State-Mandated High School Financial Education on Savings by Low-Income Households.

Harvey, Melody. Do Standardized Testing Requirements Enhance Mandate Effectiveness?

Robb, Cliff, Melody Harvey, and Christopher Peterson. Law and Order? Impacts of Payday Lending Legislation on AFS Use by Degree of Enforcement.

Harvey, Melody, Jeremy Burke, Joyce Serido, and Soyeon Shim. “Experience is the Best Teacher” for Whom?: Associations between Past Adverse Financial Behaviors and Current Financial Knowledge.

Hunter, Sarah B., Melody Harvey, Brian Briscombe, Enrico G. Castillo, and Corrin Buchanan. Los Angeles County’s Housing for Health: Evaluating the Effects of Intensive Case Management and Housing on Public Service Utilization and Costs.